Ahead of the curve? Join our global network of trend spotters 


We are a team of Culture and Trends specialists at an international consulting company, InSites Consulting.

We are developing a deeper understanding of people and the influen­­ces on their lives. We’re currently searching for culturally-connected people and trends curators from all over the world to join our Illume Network.

The Illume Network is our handpicked community of trend-savvy, culturally-attuned individuals based in local markets around the world.

Illume guides are leading-edge consumers who are passionate about a specific category and able to articulate what’s new or next.

Our guides present a wide range of personal passions, from food reviewers, football coaches, hospitality podcaster to fashion stylists. Apart from gathering their leading edge thoughts, opinions and behaviours around certain topic, our guides also act as our eyes and ears on the ground, providing us in the market field notes and brand examples, which helps us to explore cultural nuances and emerging trends.

As an Illume Guide, you’ll earn rewards for helping us on cultural projects as well as spotting your own emerging trends via your everyday experiences.

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