The Illume Network is our handpicked community of trend-savvy, culturally attuned individuals based in local markets around the world.

The Network allows us to spot trends and cultivate knowledge about different cultures and leading-edge lifestyles, providing us and our clients with a direct link to the changing consumer experience across the globe.

We’re very selective about the people we invite into our Network. We recruit Guides who are leading-edge consumers who are actively seeking out new experiences and enjoy being first to try new products and emerging trends; rather than ‘experts’ or influencers setting the trends.

Our Guides represent a wide range of personal passions – from food bloggers and fashion stylists to cultural anthropologists – and are amongst the first to champion the latest trends.


We use our Guides to help brands solve business problems.

Whether it be understanding how a category is changing and identifying innovation spaces for the future, through to exploring and immersing in a key market to optimise local brand positioning.

As well as gathering their leading-edge thoughts, behaviours and opinions on a particular topic, our Illume Guides act as our eyes and ears on the ground. Through sending us current, in-market field notes and brand examples, they enable us to spot emerging trends and explore cultural nuances.

We’re also able to tap into our Guides’ own personal and professional networks, further connecting us to likeminded individuals and unique perspectives.

Some images our Guides have gathered for us

Discover more about our Guides

You can find out more about a selection of Guides here, or head to our blog to check out some of our latest Guide interviews:

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How can we help your brand?

To understand more about our Illume Network and how we can use it to help you better understand culture and emerging consumer needs – then get in touch with Culture & Trends Team or Cherry Huang, our Illume Network manager.