We are The Illume Network:

a global community at the forefront of cultural change.

With a diverse range of passion points covering everything from the environment to beauty and gaming, what unites us is a desire to explore cultural ideas, gain new perspectives and curate a future we want to live in.

As a member of the Illume Network, you have the opportunity to take part in projects designed to challenge and shape global brands. Whether this be sharing your desires for the future of pet care, stretching a new eco home proposition, or defining what role brands should play in the future of health, you will share your perspective with expert trends researchers, whose job is to turn your insight into brand action.

As well as direct project collaboration, you will also be able to connect with other like-minded individuals around the world, gaining insights into the cultural topics you care about the most, and reflecting on your own perspective along the way. Don’t worry, this isn’t some spam filled forum – our Network manager is there to make sure you get access to the content that makes sense for you.

The Illume Network is a place to share and learn. It’s a place to curate the future of brands. Sound good?

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