Here’s a quick introduction to some of our Guides and the projects they’ve worked on…

Clara, Spain

Clara’s passion for music led her to found her own marketing and artist promotion agency and blog, where she shares her latest music discoveries. Being a frequent face on the Barcelona gig and club circuit, Clara brings a unique lens on music, entertainment and events.

Clara’s fresh insights have illuminated NPD territories for major food and drink brands looking for new and inspiring innovation spaces. Her link to the vibrant Barcelona scene means Clara has collaborated on projects around the power of influence and consumer happiness drivers in Spain – which brands are using to futureproof their brand engagement strategy.


Patrick, UK

Patrick is a Manchester-based DJ, music producer and lifestyle brand owner. His lifestyle brand ‘Emib’ celebrates individual style through purposely minimal designs that allow a person’s unique identity to shine through.

Patrick worked with us on a project that examines what it means to be an individual, and recently shared his perspective in a live interview at our Global Trend Briefing event. Patrick also collaborated with us to blueprint the future of influence for a leading global drinks producer and to illuminate emerging youth culture for a premier league football club looking to up its fashion game.


Citra, Indonesia

Citra is a digital designer, working with start-up companies in Jakarta to develop apps and establish partnerships with likeminded businesses. Together with her day job, Citra is also finishing her post-graduate degree in Cross-Cultural Psychology and is currently writing her thesis in Trust in Leadership.

Citra has consulted with her network of friends and colleagues on projects where an in-depth, on-the-ground perspective on Indonesia have been integral to brands getting ahead of the game in this market. These projects have ranged from helping a beauty client to locally optimise a concept ahead of launch, to using cultural insights to unlock the full potential of Indonesian football supporters for an English Premier League team.


Pedro, Brazil

Pedro is a young, urban Brazilian living in Rio De Janeiro. We’ve teamed up with Pedro to shed light on cultural factors that are influencing Brazilian consumers, giving brands a window into this key market and the opportunities that exist here.

Pedro has collaborated on a project for a major pharmaceutical brand who wanted to unravel local attitudes, norms and behaviours around skin care and dental care, helping this particular brand tailor their product portfolio and positioning for a local audience. Pedro and his family have also shared stories of individuality in Brazil to inform a major international study on individuality that we released in 2018.


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