We’ve explained previously our Happiness Framework as our unique model for identifying current and emerging trends. We currently have a well-established set of Happiness Trends for the West, each one exposing a key consumer need and opportunity for brands. Now, for the first time, we can reveal our unique set of Happiness Trends for Asia.




Asia is in a constant state of change. Markets within this diverse region are experiencing different rates of economic, political, social and technological change. These changes shape consumer expectations, creating new needs, and ultimately informing what they seek from brands.

Rising nationalistic sentiment is causing strong confidence in Asia, encouraging Asians to buy and celebrate local goods and make things truly their own: focusing on the development of their own region. The expanding middle class means there’s more money to be spent on items that mean the most to people – and even the gloomy economic outlook is doing little to dampen this optimism. Socially, Asians are looking to revisit old values and modernise them, in order to balance deeply held and respected traditional views with a more individualistic outlook. As a result, we’re seeing social stigmas and gender stereotypes left behind. Finally, there’s no denying Asia’s lead in technology and this will continue into 2018 as consumers will force brands to stay on their toes and cater to increasingly connected lives.

With this in mind, we can reveal our 14 Asian Happiness Trends for 2017. Click here to find out more.

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