In the final part of this series, we take a look at brand communications and how messaging is crucial in building connections with the 50+ consumer.



Companies’ efforts to engage aging consumers through advertising has often missed the mark. The vast majority of mature British consumers have felt that advertising portrayed them negatively or wasn’t relatable in the slightest, honing in on their age as a defining feature. This has been improving with certain industries and we’re seeing a positive response to the shift of products aimed at ageless needs that resonate with the mature consumers.



Specsavers is a great example of focusing on the need of the individual. There is no ‘elderly category’ of glasses. Instead, Specsavers split the needs (for products and lifestyle adjustments) into groups and offer appropriate care and solutions. By addressing the needs of customers no matter their age and offering a personalised approach to buying glasses, it allows customers young and old to feel comfortable.



As older models for men and women begin making their way into the limelight, we’re starting to enjoy a celebration of older age, from appreciating traditional methods of crafting to time-tested products our grandparents used.

In an environment where most industries distance themselves from older age, there is an opportunity to fulfil the desire of retirees to be respected as consumers and appreciated as vibrant, spirited people. This is about people wanting to receive a positive message which promotes reaching the full potential, to enjoy what is a golden period of their lives, a generation of people who have never had it so good.



L’Oreal are playing to these trends very nicely through a range of approaches. There is an active effort to ensure they are respecting the needs of this affluent demographic. From the products they are releasing, they are one of the early adopters in shunning ‘anti-aging’ claims and instead focusing on ‘healing and health’ for their customers, perpetuating this concept of aging gracefully.

Their campaigns consist of a similar sentiment and they are hiring more mature models as the face of the brand, recently starring Helen Mirren. Whether she’s acting, twerking or shouting at people in the street, she is the fun yet elegant character to accurately reflect the vibrancy of the 50+ consumer.

This is reinforced by highlighting the individual needs of their customers through developing technologies. Their most recent UV patch monitors your exposure to the sun and gives you personalised care recommendations based on your skin colour, tone, and type. This is all fed back to an app which gives the user personalised advice about their skincare.



L’Oreal Goldenage 





We’re seeing celebration of difference, individualism and greater self-expression, people want to be valued for being themselves, quirks and all. There are opportunities for brands that celebrate not just diversity, but individuality. The 50+ market is a vibrant and varied group of people with a vast array of needs and wants who have been previously grouped together by arbitrary numbers – there is a real desire to be catered to by their individual needs.

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