With more wealth and time on their hands, leisure and travel is another sector benefiting from the 50+. This group now accounts for the majority of the nation’s spending on travel and tourism. Retirees have plenty of free time and can be more flexible than those who only have a certain amount of holiday allowance or are constrained by school timetables.

Following the trend of ‘silver surfers’ shopping online more and more, travel companies should be reaching out through digital channels. Tapping into the trend for experiential services, there is an opportunity to help craft their dream trip using digital tools or inspire travel through online channels.



Saga offers a variety of online guides which range from trips like ‘Stay and Relax’ to varying intensities of ‘Active Traveller’. The tools allow customers to build their perfect holiday while providing information relevant to older travellers, such as amount of physical activity involved. There’s also beautifully curated content and travel guides through their ‘Navigator’ site which caters to older consumers to encourage and inspire travel.



The desire for experiences is a trend across many categories and older travellers don’t want to miss out on this. There has been an increasing demand amongst this group for more adventurous and active trips, ranging from sports and exercise to trekking in remote regions of the world.

There is also demand for wellness trips involving yoga and more traditional sports like tennis and skiing, through to adrenaline-pumping activities such as abseiling and zorbing or 65+ only singles holidays. While looking for these opportunities, older travellers are looking for channels which cater to their adventurous tastes while considering their specific needs.



AllClear are specialist insurers who insure travellers with pre-existing medical conditions. They streamline the often difficult process of obtaining insurance for holidays – especially trips which are more adventurous and daring. The focus is on freeing consumers to do what they want to by cutting through the worry and processes associated with insurance.




With a renewed focus on living for the moment, consumers are looking for time to relax and have more fun. There is growing demand for brands that are visual, playful, fun and bold, brands that help us realise our inner child. The functional, clinical products and services older people use are ripe for a disruption through creativity, fun and excitement.


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