As part of our international study on individuality, we interviewed one of our UK Illume Guides, Rosie, who’s a full time illustrator passionate about self-expression. In this video, she discusses the individuality megatrend and how she strives to achieve it in today’s society, along with the challenges she faces in doing so.


 “I spend a lot of time on Instagram. Because you compare yourself to other people it can be really detrimental on yourself. Self-image, self-art image… sometimes you just want to completely log off and be out of this social media whirlwind”



“I think I am free to be myself. The only constraints I have are the ones I’ve put on myself.  It’s a constant journey of finding out where I want to go, finding out who I am. ”


Rosie’s interview contributed to our deep dive into ‘individuality’ across the globe.  You can read our full report here.

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